Snare Drums - Metal Shells (other than Dynasonic)

The snare drums available in the English Rogers catalogues were as follows: 

1961 Catalogue:  There were three snare drums on offer all in the 14”x5” size.  These were: -

-Wood shell – most of these show up made from beech. 

- Metal shell, all chrome 

- Metal shell, brass lacquer

1964 Catalogue: 

The COB Dyna is added to the above.

1965 Catalogue:  Ditto 

1967/8 Catalogue: 

As before except no lacquered brass now available. 

All these drums are relatively rare. 

What will be discussed here are the Metal shell, all chrome, and the Metal shell, brass lacquer. Both these drums are rare, the brass lacquer particularly so.

Metal shell, all chrome

English Rogers Metal shell, all chrome snare drum
Note the straight sides, tall hoops and B&B lugs. As with everything else it would appear that B&H were copying as closley as possible what Rogers USA were producing at the time. Below is a Rogers USA Chrome Over Brass snare drum which is similar in every respect except for the engraved lines in the shell. The shell for these USA drums were actually obtained from Gretsch.

Rogers USA Holiday Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum

Inside the English Rogers Metal shell, all chrome snare drum

Unfortunatley I don't have a photo of the inside of an American COB Holiday.
The English Rogers Metal shell, all chrome snare drum according to the catalogues were produced throughout the period 1961-1968. The one above is a late one. Note the lug plates inside the drum. I have never seen one of these drums with beavertail lugs. It may be that they only ever produced them with B&B lugs.

Metal Shell, Lacqured Brass

Below is a drum I picked up on ebay some years ago before I was aware of the Metal shell, all chrome, and the Metal shell, brass lacquer.
The drum was clearly English Rogers as could be seen from the photo below.
The shell has plain sides and a simple rolled over bearing edge.

English Rogers Metal Shell, Lacqured Brass Snare Drum

Below is the Rogers USA Brass Lacqured Holiday, a very similar drum apart from the engravied lines on the Gretsch shell.
Photo: Gary Nelson

Rogers USA Brass Lacqured Holiday

Mine cleaned up well but I could do with refinishing the lacqure in a more gloss finish.
And below is its American cousin.


B&H used the same shell for their Ajax line of drums
Ajax Nu-Sound "Metasonic" Snare drum.
Ajax Lacqured Brass Snare.