Snare Drums - Wood Shell

The snare drums available in the English Rogers catalogues were as follows: 

1961 Catalogue:  There were three snare drums on offer all in the 14”x5” size.  These were: -

-Wood shell – most of these show up made from beech. 

- Metal shell, all chrome 

- Metal shell, brass lacquer

1964 Catalogue: 

The COB Dyna is added to the above.

1965 Catalogue:  Ditto 

1967/8 Catalogue: 

As before except no lacquered brass now available. 

All these drums are relatively rare. 

The wood shell snare drum is almost always made with a beech shell.

To begin with edges were rounded over, but during 1962 these changed to a sharper more Powertone-like edge. The internal side of the edge became a 45 degree chamfer and the outside a radius, ensuring that energy from the head transfered to the shell.

The commonest drum that turns up is the wood shell Grey Ripple.

Snares in other wraps are comparatively rare.

Wood shell snares with beavertail lugs are quite rare, probably due to the Dynasonic being available.