Snare Drums - Dynasonic

The snare drums available in the English Rogers catalogues were as follows: 

1961 Catalogue:  There were three snare drums on offer all in the 14”x5” size.  These were: -

-Wood shell – most of these show up made from beech. 

- Metal shell, all chrome 

- Metal shell, brass lacquer

1964 Catalogue: 

The COB Dyna is added to the above.

1965 Catalogue:  Ditto 

1967/8 Catalogue: 

As before except no lacquered brass now available. 

All these drums are relatively rare. 

My early English COB Dyna has a serial number of 85353 which places it in mid 1964. I have seen only one other and that had a serial number that was just a little earlier.

These cost a hugh amount in the UK when they were introduced and are therefore comparatively rare.

Someone has replaced the batter hoop on mine with a shorter hoop as can can be seen above.

Boosey & Hawkes essentially copied what was being produced in the USA at around 1960, at which time the USA drums too had tall hoops (designed for use with calf heads - because these can stretch). Certain features of English Rogers drums never got updated. So as things changed in the US they did not over here in the UK. Hence English Dynas have tall hoops whether they have B&B lugs or the later beavertail lugs. It should be remembered that part of B&H's profit must have been going to Rogers USA as part of the deal so maybe they didn't have the margin to make changes.

Regarding the parts for the English Dyna: Shell - different to the US

lugs - have a UK specific number in the casting inside the lugs.

Snare wires - 20 on the UK frame but 19 on the US frame.

Dyna badge - I have a couple of very slightly different versions.

One theory was that B&H used USA first generation badges and frames to make the UK dyna but these two different versions of the badge and the wires being different would tend to rule this out. The frame is just a rough casting and would be easy to reproduce for any company that could source the far more complicated parts required for other parts of the sets.

Hoops - tall ones used from 61 to 67/8 and later slightly modified for use with Ajax Nu-Sound. B&H were clearly sourcing these from inside the UK.

The later beavertail lug version was probably introduced in early 1965. Mine below, as well as being a bit rusty has the shorter chromed logo which places it in 1967.

The Wood Shell Dynasonic

According to Rob Cook's book 10 prototypes were produced. The only drum I have seen coming close to being an English wood-shelled Dynasonic came up for sale on Ebay in the USA in July 2014. But is it genuine?..................

I asked the seller for additional photographs but received no reply. You would expect that a genuine seller would not hesitate. This decided me not to bid. The drum sold for about £450.








This photograph showing the internals of the shell is important.