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Ian's Grey Ripple
Joe's Black Pearl
20", 12", 16" and matching wood shell snare drum.
Steve's "Red Ripple"?

20", 12", 16" and matching snare.

The question mark simply denotes that I don't know what this wrap was called. It is not in the catalogues and I have only seen two like it.

Pete's Grey Ripple
Grey Ripple 12", 16", 20 with matching wood shell snare.
Alan's Blue Streak
The set below is from late 1966. It was found in Sweden. The sizes are 22”x14” bass, 12”x8” and 13”x9” toms, and 16”x16” floor tom. The set likely began life as a “Constellation” 22", 12" and 16" which have all been factory wrapped. The 13 has been added to the set at a later date but quite likely before the set left the dealer’s store. The 13" shell is of the same construction as the other tom toms and has a serial number which makes it a couple of months older than the other shells. It has been professionally wrapped and has a Rogers USA collet plate. Another USA collet plate has been added to the top of the bass drum to take an early double tom holder (aka a top-hat) leaving the standard factory fitted collet plates redundant.
An English Rogers "Bop kit" in Grey Ripple.

18", 12", 14".

I found these photos on another Rogers website and couldn't help but borrow them, as this is the only one of its kind that I have ever seen.

Another script logo bites the dust.
Alan's Grey Ripple.
Alan's Mardi Gras.
20", 12", 16". The bass drum hoops still painted their original silver.
Steve's Grey Ripple.
22", 13", 16" I think and note the rare tilter on the disappearing cymbal holder.
Bren's Grey Ripple.

20, 14, 12, 16