Photos - Famous Players

Pete York - The Spencer Davis Group


Keith Moon - The Who

Keith Moon with White Pearl English Rogers
This kit I am told was owned by long standing Manchester Music store Johnny Roadhouse and regularly hired out to the BBC during the early 60s when Top of the Pops was recorded in Manchester.
Keith Moon behind Dave Clark's Red Sparkle English Rogers, Ready Steady Go! New Years Eve 1965.

Ronnie Stephenson


Mick Avory - The Kinks

The Kinks didn't have a drummer when they first recorded "You Really Got Me" , so the producer Shel Talmy brought in a session musician named Bobby Graham to play. The Kinks hadn't like the first version they recorded and by the time they recorded this the second time, Mick Avory had joined the band as their drummer, but Talmy didn't trust him and made him play tambourine while Graham played drums.
Ready Steady Go!
Mick Avory standing far right with an English Rogers "all metal, chrome plated" snare drum.