Hardware - Other bits

Floor Tom legs
For the first 12 months of production English Rogers used Ajax floor tom legs. These are very similar in appearance to Rogers USA “Statite” floor tom legs.

The Ajax/English Rogers Damper (muffler)

These are present in snare drums. The only instance I have seen where these were factory fitted in a tom is Dave Clark's Red Sparkle English Rogers.


As a spare part these are almost imposible to come by as it requires the scrapping of a snare drum in order to free one up.

Bass Drum Anchor

Very rarley found on English Rogers but were a standard fit to the bass drum hoop on an Ajax Nu-Sound.


Again very rare to find as a spare part.

English Roger Drum Keys
English Rogers
Rogers USA
English Rogers

The key on the left came with Dave Clark's Red Sparkle kit when he presented it to John Tillett. The key on the right came to me tied by a piece of string to an English Rogers Swiv-o-matic cymbal tilter.





There appears to have been two types of key, one with a hole and one without. I seen others with the hole so I don't believe that it was done by an owner.









There is nothing on these keys to tell you that they are English Rogers. Opposite is the only contemporary photo I am aware of to tell us that these are genuine.