Endorsers - Roy Burns

Roy was a drummer who was not strictly an English Rogers endorsee but who none the less did promote English Rogers drums.

An American drummer who began his career playing for several big names in swing and jazz including Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton and Woody Herman, he later moved on to studio work based around New York City. He was approached by Ben Strauss of Rogers who asked Roy to do clinics for them. One of the first things Rogers asked Roy to do was to go to Europe on a clinic tour. Roy says that he enjoyed this so much that this is what really got him into the clinic business. Roy was one of the very first Artist-Clinician Performers in the music industry and published a variety of drum method books.
The European tour that Roy was asked to do was actually promoting English Rogers drums. This event was the lead story in the first English Rogers newsletter circulated mid to late1965.

Roy arrived in London on the 3rd of May and commenced a series of one night demonstrations. The itinerary took in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, London and then on to Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm and finally Helsinki. He returned to New York on May 16th. For the tour Roy played and English Rogers set in Grey Ripple wrap which was the same set up as that he was used to playing in the US, namely: 22”x14” bass, 14”x5” COB Dynasonic, 13”x9” tom, and two 16”x16” floor toms.
Roy later provided clinics for the Rogers Drum Company in music stores around the US and internationally including Australia, Island, Hong Kong, Denmark and others.