Endorsee - Pete York

Pete appeared as an Endorser in the 1964/65 and 1967/68 catalogues.

He was one of the original members of the Spencer Davis Group and can be seen below playing an English Rogers Grey Ripple kit.






Pete left The Spencer Davis Group in 1969 to form Hardin and York with Eddie Hardin.
Eric Clapton's Powerhouse was a short lived blues band in 1967. It starred Eric Clapton (guitar), and featured Paul Jones (harmonica) and Jack Bruce (bass), Steve Winwood (vocals) with York (drums), and Ben Palmer (piano).
In the 80s he fronted an all-star band called Olympic Rock & Blues Circus featuring a rotating line-up of the likes of Jon Lord, Miller Anderson, Tony Ashton, Brian Auger, Zoot Money, Colin Hodgkinson, Chris Farlowe and many others. Olympic Rock & Blues Circus was touring primarily in Germany in 1981/82 and 1989.
In February 1987, York started his first series of "Superdrumming" featuring Ian Pice, Louie Bellson, Cozy Powell, Grry Brown and Simon Phillips.
Since 2004, York has teamed up with German multi-talent entertainer Helge Schneider on a regular basis, playing the drums on several of Schneider's recordings as well as accompanying him on tour. York also had a substantial acting part in Schneider's film Jazzclub (IMDB's entry for the film).