Endorsee - Dave Clark

Dave Clark – Drummer with the Dave Clark Five, Dave appeared as an Endorser in the 1964 catalogue and in silhouette on the cover of the 1965 catalogue, he was mentioned by name in the 1967/68 catalogue. Dave was one of only two English Rogers endorsees to cross over and be an endorser for Rogers USA (the other being Chas. Botterill of the Montavani Orchestra).
The Dave Clark Five was one of the top British Invasion bands of the 60's. The group had twenty-two hit records in Britain and twenty-four in America.
The Dave Clark Five took the U.S. by storm, spearheading what was to become known as "The British Invasion". A record 18 appearances (for a British Beat Group) on the Ed Sullivan Show along with 6 sold out tours and 15 Top 20 hits in three years, established the DC5 as one of the best known British Bands. 
Dave appears to have acquired his Red Sparkle English Rogers kit in late 1963 approximately 6 months before the group made their first trip to the USA. See section on £1M Drum Kit Pictorial History

Dave Clark sitting behind his Red Sparkle English Rogers which he gave away in 1966 as first prize in a competition

Dave appears to have played a number of English Rogers sets through the years. The main one being his original Red Sparkle with bread and butter lugs which was replaced in 1966 by a White Pearl English Rogers with beavertail lugs,  which he used right up until the end of his career with the Dave Clark Five in 1970. Both these sets had factory custom positioning of the collet plates on the bass drum. There are photos of him playing a few other English Rogers kits which appear to have been for specific engagements.
Dave’s original Red Sparkle English Rogers with two tom toms on the bass drum was the inspiratioin for called the “Dave Clark Londoner”. This set-up, appeared in the 1967 and 1968 USA catalogue along with Dave’s photo. This set –up became hugely popular through the 60s and 70s.

In the US catalogues the use of an early twin tom-tom (knobby) holder was being referred to as a “Top-Hat” outfit, although this consisted of two mounted toms of the same size. A set with 12x8 and 13x9 toms was available in the 1962 US catalogue, known as the Showcase outfit, but both toms were not mounted on the bass drum and it appears to have been dropped after 1962. The English Rogers catalogues say that a twin holder was available (probably by special order), however none of them show a set-up similar to Dave’s.