Endorsee - Clem Cattini

Clem Cattini was the drummer for the 1960s English band, The Tornados as well as being a session musician, and appeared as an Endorser in the 1967/68 catalogue and did an interview for the 1965 newsletter.
Cattini is one of the most prolific drummers in UK recording history, appearing on hundreds of recordings by artists as diverse as Engelbert Humperdinck and Lou Reed. This included featuring on a record 45 different UK number one singles.

Cattini was a member of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, playing on their chart-topper, "Shakin' All Over". In 1960 he was one of the founder members of The Tornados, the first British group ever to reach No 1 in the American Billboard Hot 100 chart with "Telstar". He was one of the best known drummers in the UK during the pre-Beatles era. Cattini stayed with the Tornados until 1965 then joined The Ivy League and played on their hits including "Tossin' and Turning" who he was playing with at the time of his endorsement.

He has since then recorded with the following artists: The Kinks, Paul McCartney, Bee Gees, Lulu, Lou Reed, Dusty Springfield,  Sandie Shaw, Clodagh Rodgers, Marvin, Welch & Farrar, Paul Jones, Ike & Tina Turner, The Bachelors and The Wombles amongst others. He also worked in the Top of the Pops orchestra for twelve years backing many other artists of the day.
Cattini was considered for Led Zeppelin on a couple of occasions. He was initially on Jimmy Page's shortlist of drummers when forming the band, before they settled on John Bonham.

Clem Cattini playing his Grey Ripple English Rogers
In October 2000 Cattini was awarded a gold badge by BASCA for his services to the music industry.
Known for his full, straightforward, unpretentious style, he proved a drummer of choice for sounds ranging from folk rock to hard rock, and he even managed to turn up in such unexpected places, such as playing on the first album by the Amazing Blondel and working with Big Jim Sullivan.