English Rogers - Wraps

According to the catalogues:


Pearls: White, Black and Blue
Sparkles: Blue and Red
Mardi Gras.


Tthe sparkles have gone but an extra pearl has been added (Red) the choice is now:
Pearls: White, Black, Blue, Red.
Grey Ripple.


As above but now include Grey Ripple.


Pearls -  White, Black and Blue
Grey Ripple
Mahogany Wood

However, like with so many other details of English Rogers the catalogues do not tell the whole story. There were at least two other wraps that do not appear in the English Rogers catalogues, Blue Streak, Burgundy Ripple and "Red Ripple".
Grey Ripple
Introduced in 1962, this was by far the most popular/sucessful of the English Rogers wraps.
Unfortunatley it does have a tendency to fade. When new there is a lot of blue in the wrap but many drums do end up looking quite grey.
White Pearl
White Pearl would be expected to fade to a pale yellow.
Black Pearl
Blue Pearl
The Blue Pearl is a little complicated. It started off like this one.
For about a couple of years around 1962 it turned lighter.
And then went darker again.
The two versions can be seen here side by side.
Red Pearl
Mardi Gras
This is a UK interpretation of an iconic Rogers wrap. This was known in the Ajax range as “Midnight Sparkle”. It was only available for a couple of years and is therefore relatively rare.

This wrap would have looked very different when it was new. Originally some of the flakes in the wrap would have been green and blue. What tends to be left of the colours these days is silver and pink. The flakes of blue and green have mostly faded and added to the number of silver flakes.


This wrap is not the same as that used on the American drums.

Red Sparkle

Only available when the drums had B&B lugs the sparkle wraps were inexplicably discontinued.

English Rogers most famous endorsee was Dave Clark, who played a Red Sparkle drum kit and yet no set-up with two toms on the bass drum was ever offered and Red Sparkle was discontinued early on.

Blue Sparkle
Very rare, only ever seen one and clearly I should have saved a photo!
Mahogany Wood

Presumably this is a mahogany wood vaneer. Other than this photo I have never seen one of these.


This wrap was also available in the 1968 Ajax catalogue.


Wraps not mentioned in the English Rogers Catalogues

Blue Streak

This wrap does not appear in the English Rogers catalogue of the time but is named in the 1968 Ajax catalogue although there is no photograph. There are a small number of English Rogers sets that were made in this wrap. They were produced in late 1966 and early 1967.


This 22",12",13",16" kit has the early double tom holder fitted.
















Below is the only example of an Ajax Nu-Sound in this wrap I have seen.

Burgundy Ripple

This wrap is usually only seen on Ajax Nu-Sound kits. Clearly there were some cross-overs, albeit rare examples. This set also has a very rare 14"x14" floor tom.


I have also seen an Ajax Nu-Sound in the English Rogers Grey Ripple wrap.

Red Ripple ?
The question mark simply denotes that I don't know what this wrap was called. It is not in the catalogues and I have only seen two like it.