January 64

1st Jan 64 Appeared on first Top of the Pops UK TV show in person and lip-synched "Glad All Over".

The very first episode was show at 6:36pm on New Years Day in 1964. The pilot episode was titled, "The Teen & Twenty Record Club". Shot in an old church in Didsbury in Manchester no recordings were made.

The first Top Of The Pops had the following acts miming live in the studio: Dusty Springfield ('I Only Want To Be With You'); the Rolling Stones ('I Wanna Be Your Man'); the Dave Clark Five ('Glad All Over'); the Hollies ('Stay') and the Swinging Blue Jeans ('Hippy Hippy Shake'). On film, Cliff Richard and the Shadows performed 'Don't Talk To Him'; Freddie & the Dreamers ('You Were Made For Me'). The studio audience were shown dancing to The Beatles 'She Loves You' and Gene Pitney's '24 Hours From Tulsa'.

This would seem very unlikely that this is a photo from the first TOTPs but I'm not at all sure where else to fit it. This photo isn't from Ready Steady Go!, or Thank Your Lucky Stars. Looking at the set-up of the drums it is after their RSG! appearance on 8th Dec. This wouldn't fit in with the dates for 5 o'Clock Club. It could of course just be a photo shoot, but if this is from a TV appearance then the set-up of the drums fits with this date or the second episode of TOTPs, on 8th Jan..


The toms: the toms are mounted with the 13" slightly low and not symetrical as they have been for a couple of weeks.DC is sitting high. Only one cymbal stand.
4th Jan 64 Dave Clark appears on Juke Box Jury shown on TV on 11th Jan
5th Jan 64 Basildon Locarno  
8th Jan 64 Appeared on TOTP in person and lip-synched "Glad All Over".

The BBC uses these photos of the DC5 on this webpage about an exhibition exporing Stockton's musical history held at the Preston Park Museum. The DC5 did appear at the Globe Theatre in Stockton on Tees on 7th May 1964 but these photo don't appear to come from that date. If it were the case, why is DC's drum kit set up on such a small platform, and where is the rest of their gear? Alamy Images own these images and say they are from an appearance on Top of the Pops and dates them as 11th April 1964. The problem is that they were on their UK tour on that date and appearing at the Theatre Royal Norwich. Top of the Pops was a live show so that dates doesn't work.

DC still has his Ajax cymbal stand in these photos, and Lenny is still using his Strat,which dates them anytime in the six weeks before their first US tour. The DC 5 appeared on TOTPs 5 times before their first trip to the USA. These photos are most likley from one of those appearances.

11th Jan 64 Appeared on BBC Radio Saturday Club also appeared on the Arthur Haynes Show on ATV.

These photos are from the film insert shown on The Arthur Haynes Show - thanks to Jason Atkins for this info.


The toms: the 13" is as it has been for a couple of weeks, still slightly low and not symetrical with the 12". For the first time DC has an Ajax cymbal stand to his right. "Rogers" logo is still slanted.
12th Jan 64 Basildon Locarno  

This photo is taken with some of the ladies who worked at The Basildon Locarno so I am guessing that this might be on the occasion of their last appearance there. The boys had just had their first hit and were moving on.

The cymbal on the stage in that position would imply that DC is using his English Rogers Red Sparkle kit so in any case this photo could not be any earlier than December 1963.

The photo on the left has to have been taken before their first tour of the US (Ajax cymbal stand) with a very close live audience, they were famous now.The only possibility I can see is that this is the Basildon Locarno.

The Getty Images site has the above photo as The Basildon Locarno and similar railings can seen on the side balcony. Also note jackets, ties and shirts. Early Jan 64.

Notice the boy's face in the bottom corner of the photo above. From the angle of the shot it looks like he might be on the stage. Is this the same young man we see in the picture with the ladies above?

As confirmation here we see the spot lights above and the stage surounds as in other photos from The Basildon Locarno.


DC has two cymbals here so all these photos may have been taken on the same night.












17th Jan 64 Tottenham Royal  
18th Jan 64 Tottenham Royal  
19th Jan 64 Tottenham Royal  
22nd Jan 64 Appeared on TOTP in person and lip-synched "Glad All Over"

Again difficult to pin this down but if these photos are from a TV appearance and not just a photo shoot then these would be candidates for the band's third appearance on TOTPs.

The toms: the 13" appears to have been tilted slightly towards DC, otherwise unchanged. There is no bass drum anchor fitted.DC has two cymbal stands.
25th Jan 64 Tottenham Royal  

Two photos superimposed on each other for the full dramatic effect.

Again a photo I can't date but at The Tottenham Royal and DC's bass drum does not have the two non-Rogers chrome-headed bolts, and if we assume that the work to add lighting to the bass drum was done at the same time as the bass drum anchor was fitted, then this has to be before their appearance on The Palladium. Note the fluffy animal on DC's bass drum in this photo and the next. Also notice that DC's bass drum batter head (the one he hits) has a small "pirate" style Rogers logo. Clearly the tall and narrow logo with the underscore, unique to DC was prefered.
26th Jan 64 Tottenham Royal  

February 64

1st Feb 64 Tottenham Royal  
I don't know the date of this photo but it is clearly at The Tottenhan Royal and DC's bass drum hoop does not have a bass drum anchor so it has to be before their appearance on The London Palladium. Also DC's logo is horizontal.
2nd Feb 64 Tottenham Royal  

Again I can't date this photo but from The Royal and there is no Bass drum anchor.

The Rogers logo has been made to disappear for this advert. Note that Mike is sitting on a Premier/Olympic drum stool. I wonder where he got that?
8th Feb 64 Tottenham Royal  
9th Feb 64 Appeared on the UK TV show Sunday Night at the London Palladium

Performed "Zip a Dee Doo Dah" & "Big Noise From Winnetka".

The band were joined by Bruce Forsyth for "Big Noise From Winnetka".

This photo clearly shows the bass drum anchor that was added to DC's front bass drum hoop. This is the first time that this has been captured on camera. This is a very useful aid for dating the photographs.

I suspect that the work to install the flashing lights in DC's bass drum and floor tom happened in the first few weeks of 1964.

Rick Huxley said, "In answer to a question about how the light bulbs in Dave's drums didn't keep blowing, I can tell you that they weren't anything really sophisticated. They were ordinary general purpose "rough service" coloured light bulbs fitted in lamp holders and fastened onto some battens inside the drum. They had coiled filaments so they wouldn't disintegrate with the beating of the drums. Originally they were on a timer so they flashed on and off giving the appearance that they were flashing in time with the drum beat. Later on though, they were synchronised to the drumbeat. We also had a bag of sand inside the drum or sometimes blankets to get rid of the resonance. If you took some of the air space out of the bass drum instead of getting a ......." (incomplete) See One Million Pound Drum Kit Restoration: Bass Drum to see an example of the damage to the bass drum shell.

14th Feb 64 Filming of Warner-Pathe newsreel at the Tottenham Royal.
15th Feb 64 Tottenham Royal also appeared on Thank Your Lucky Stars ( Bits & Pieces - released this date)

These photos again appear in the 1964 Thank Your Lucky Star Yearbook. Clearly they couldn't be in two places at once so this appearance would have to be pre-recorded.

The staging and the positioning of the drums and stands in every detail does not change in all the following photos, but there are two different backgrounds, leading to the conclusion that they changed the background around them. So I would assume that they performed two songs.

These photos have clearly been shot before the modifications that were made to DC's bass drum. There is no bass drum anchor. These photos must have been taken before the band's appearance at The London Palladium on 9th Feb. The "Rogers" logo in the following photos is horizontal as it was just prior to their appearance at The Palladium.

And now the background change?








The extra cymbal stand that DC has been using on his right can be seen clearly in this photo as being an Ajax cymbal stand. Boosey & Hawkes who made his English Rogers Red Sparkle drum kit also made Ajax drums. Seems likley to me that he went to B&H for a second Rogers cymbal stand and they didn't have one available, so he came away with an Ajax one temporarily.
16th Feb 64 Tottenham Royal  
19th Feb 64 Top of the Pops - appeared in a pre-recorded film sequence and lip-synched "Bits & Pieces".
I can see the bass drum anchor in this film clip. That places this clip early Jan 64 onwards. The Rogers logo is once again horizontal. DC is seen with only one cymbal. The toms are looking more symetrical and DC really is now sitting quite high.
20th Feb 64 "Scene At 6.30" Granada TV  
21st Feb 64 Ready Steady Go! performed "Bits and Pieces"
Although this avert is from the back page of the October issue of Beat Instrumental the combination of the bass drum anchor and the Ajax cymbal stand places this photo around the time of their appearance on The Palladium but before their first US tour . This photo has the RSG! spiral staircase in the background which can only mean that it is from this episode of RSG!
22nd Feb 64 Tottenham Royal  
23rd Feb 64 Tottenham Royal  
26th Feb 64 Appeared on TOTP in person and lip-synched "Bits & Pieces"

March 64

2nd March 64 Arrive in N.Y. by plane from London  

4th March 64

Photo shoots Central Park & other locations,also appeared on TOTP previously recorded and lip-synched Bits & Pieces
7th March 64 Appeared on BBC Radio "Saturday Club"  
8th March 64 Ed Sullivan Show, lip-synched "Glad All Over"
This is a photo of their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. DC is playing an American Rogers set in red sparkle. There is a "hollow" Rogers logo on the bass drum.

There are two angled collet plates positioned symetrically and well back on the bass drum. This is actually a far better thought out arrangement than DC's English kit.

Below is a replica of apparently what Rogers USA supplied you with if you ordered a Dave Clark drum kit between 1964 and 1967. This set is owned by the American drum historian Harry J Cangany Jr. The arrangement of collet plates on the bass drum is quite different to the arrangement of collet plates on his Red Sparkle English Rogers drum kit.

Photo courtesy of Harry J Cangany Jr.

Photo courtesy of Harry J Cangany Jr.
The photo below gives us a glimpse of the swivo arm that was used to hold the the mounted toms.
This is an interesting photo. This looks like is was taken at rehearsals for their second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. The "R" on the Rogers logo has been blacked-in. Probably the Rogers rep. thought it needed to be seen better. So this is after their first appearance but Denny is still using his strat.
10th-14thMarch 64 5 days holiday in Montego Bay  
14th March 64 DC5 officially become professional  
14th March 64 Appeared on Thank Your Lucky Stars  
15th March 64 Ed Sullivan Show, lip synched Bits and Pieces ,Do You Love Me and Glad All Over.

I would guess that this photo is from their second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.


The American Rogers set that DC is playing is the same in all its details as in their first appearance apart from the "Rogers" logo on the bass drum which is now solid.


Looks like Lenny got himself a Gibson whilst they were on this trip. He isn't seen without it for quite some time.

16th March 64 Fly home from the U.S.A.  
17th-21st March 64 Empire Theatre,Liverpool with Mark Wynter, Susan Maughan, George Meaton, Alan Field, Dave Nelson and McAndrews & Mills
22nd March 64 Performed in Record Star Show in the UK for the Stars Organisation for Spastics charity
23rd March 64 Birmingham Hippodrome with McAndrews & Mills, George Meaton, Dave Nelson, Alan Field, Susan Maughan and Mark Wynter (show possibly ran until 28th ) Full Program


























29th March 64 Begin UK Tour at the Coventry Theatre, Coventry. Other acts on tour, The Hollies, The Kinks, Mojos, Trebletones, Mark Wynter, Frank Berry. Full Program.
30th March 64 Futurist Theatre, Scarborough
31st March 64 De Montfort Hall, Leicester  


1st April 64 ABC Cleethorpes  
2nd April 64 ABC Carlisle  
3rd April 64 Newcastle City Hall  
4th April 64 Sheffield City Hall  
5th April 64 Gaumont, Bradford  
6th April 64 Granada, Woolwich  

The Getty Images website has this photo dated as 6th April. I would have guessed that it was taken on the tour with The Hollies and The Kinks. Getty often just use 1st Jan as a generic date so 6th April is quite specific for them.



This is the first photo we see with evidence of lights installed in DC's drums. Note the cable hanging out of DC's floor tom.

7th April 64 ABC, Gloucester  
8th April 64 Granada, Tooting  
9th April 64 ABC, Cambridge  
10th April 64 Granada, Bedford  
11th April 64 Theatre Royal, Norwich  
12th April 64 Embassy, Peterborough  
14th April 64 ABC, Dover  
15th April 64 ABC Romford  
16th April 64 Odeon, Chelmsford  
17th April 64 ABC Lincoln  
18th April 64 Ardwick, Manchester  
19th April 64 Odeon, Guildford  
21st April 64 Gaumont, Doncaster  
22nd April 64 Granada, Mansfield  
23rd April 64 Granada, Shrewsbury  
24th April 64 Capitol, Cardiff  
25th April 64 Winter Gardens, Bournemouth  
26th April 64 Hippodrome Brighton  

26th April 64


Appeared at New Musical Express Poll-Winners' Concert (Wembley) with The Beatles, The Merseybeats, The Searchers, Gerry & the Pacemakers, Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, Brian Poole & the Tremeloes, Cliff Richard, The Shadows, the Swinging Blue Jeans, Kathy Kirby, Freddie & the Dreamers, the Hollies, Manfred Mann, Joe Brown, Roy Orbison
28th April 64 ABC, Northampton  
29th April 64 Gaumont, Wolverhampton  
30th April 64 Gaumont, Taunton  


1st May 64 Gaumont, Southampton  
2nd May 64 Astoria, Finsbury Park  
3rd May 64 Odeon, Lewisham  
5th May 64 A.B.C. Hul  
6th May 64 A.B.C. Huddersfield  
7th May 64 Globe, Stockton on Tees  
  "Always turned out to perfection they arrived at the theatre with an iron and ironing board to press their stage suits between shows. Note the shiny marks on their jackets, left by the hot iron." Photos from this website.
The Dave Clark Four, as Dennis Payton got lost enroute.


8thMay 64 Gaumont, Hanley  
9th May 64 Gaumont, Derby  
10th May 64 Granada, Walthamstow  
11th May 64 Odeon, Southend on Sea  

From starsinsouthend1963.co.uk photos of the main groups on tour.









12th May 64 Colston Hall, Bristol  
13th May 64 Granada, Harrow  
14th May 64 Granada, Kingston  

15th May 64

Appeared on Ready Steady Go! performed Can't You See That She's Mine
Flew to Sweden
16th May 64 Played China Theatre in Stockholm

Only two photos I have seen of Mike helping out on the toms.


These toms look like red sparkle English Rogers and the kit behind would be DC's English Rogers. In a few days time they fly directly to their first tour of the USA. It would seem likely that DC would take these drums with him.





17th May 64 Played China Theatre in Stockholm
9The stage set-up here is so similar that I would suspect this was the next night.
18th May 64 Played at Katrinehohn, 3500 attended
19th May 64 Skansen, Stockholm ( dated photos) Did a "Mess Up a Dress" story for a Swedish magazine
23rd May 64 Played concerts at Helsingborg and Torringelund in Sweden
23rd May 64 23rd Appeared on "Thank Your Lucky Stars"(previously recorded)
24th May 64 Leave Kastrup airport Sweden to fly to USA
25th May 64 1ST U.S.A. tour begins Mosque Theater, Newark, New Jersey

Unknown venue and unknown date. These photos could have been shot during either their first or second US tour. However with the line of poloce at the front of the stage I would just guess that these are from the first US tour.

Clearly English Rogers floor toms and drum kit.

Dennis has his stratacaster on a stand behind him.


26th May 64 Convention Hall, Philadelphia  
27th May 64 Washington Coliseum, Washington D.C.  
28th May 64 New Haven Arena, New Haven, Con,  
29th-30th May 64 Carnegie Hall, New York (two shows)  
30th May 64 Ed Sullivan Show lip synch "Can You See That She's Mine" & "Do You Love Me"

My guess is that this photo is


DC is seen here with what apparently looks like the same set he used for their first appearances earlier on in the year. owever the cymbal stands are not the same. Wheras in February he had matching swan-leg swiv-o-matic cymbal stands he now has a Rogers flush based stand and a Camco stand (also available in the Rogers catalogue). This leads me to wonder whether DC actually owned this set. It seems more likely to me that the dealer or whoever supplied this set didn't have any swiv-o-matic stands avaialble and he supplied what he had, which was a couple of non-matching stands.

31st May 64 Donnelly Theater, Boston


1st June 64 Central Theatre, Passaic, NJ  
2nd June 64 Private party for "Glamour" Magazine  
3rd June 64 Stanbaugh Auditorium, Youngstown, OH, Film available of DC5 arriving at Youngstown Airport
4th June 64 Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinatti, OH  
5th June 64 Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA  
6th June 64 Arie Crown Theatre, Chicago, IL  
7th June 64 Divine's Million Dollar Ballroom,Milwaukee,WI

A compelling account of this concert can be found here.

8th June 64 War Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY  
9th June 64 Varsity Arena University of Toronto, Toronto,Canada
10th June 64 Westchester County Community Center, White Plains, NY
11th June 64 Flew back to England  
12th June 64 Appeared on "Ready Steady Go!" sang "Can't You See That She's Mine"
13th June 64 Roundhay Park, Leeds with the "Dynamic Detonators"
14th June 64 Leicester De Montfort Hall with The Applejacks and The Mojos
15th June 64 Croydon Hall concert with The Applejacks and The Mojos
16th June 64 Portsmouth Guildhall with The Applejacks and The Mojos
17th June 64 Top of the Pops - Can't You See That She's Mine [Promo Video] 
  Blackpool Lido?
19th June 64 Appeared on TV Show "Discs A Go-Go" in Bristol
20th June 64 Appeared on "Thank Your Lucky Stars"  

This photo was taken by British photographer David Redfern who worked in London in the 1960s. David began photographing TV Shows like ‘Ready Steady Go’ and ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ which were shot duringthe day. Here he made many of his now classic shots of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, and of course this of The DC5.

It looks like there were at least two photographers here.

I'm guessing that these photos were from Thank Your Lucky Stars but in any case it was taken in the UK between their first and second US tours. Denny has his Gibson and DC now has two Rogers cymbal stands. However, his Trixon drum stool can still be seen in the tangle of stands. When they return from their second US tour the Trixon stool will be replaced by a Rogers one.

21st June 64 Dave Clark admitted to Hospital  


1st July 64 Dave Clark discharged from hospital  
12th July 64 Pavillion Douglas , Isle Of Man  
13th July 64 Commence Summer season at Blackpool (through until 5th September, every Monday to Saturday )
19th July 64 Morecambe with The Firing Squad,Ted Rogers, The Hearts,Adrienne PosterChas McDevitt & Shirley Douglas
26th July 64 Odeon ,Southport  


16th Aug 64 Winter Gardens, Bournemouth
22nd Aug 64 Thank Your Lucky Stars

We will see below that whilst still engaged on their Summer season in Blackpool The DC5 flew down from Blackpool to Boreham Wood Studios for the day to do some filming. My guess is that in the same way for this appearance on Thank Your Lucky Stars the TV company supplied this kit through Boosey & Hawkes who made English Rogers. DC is seen with an English Rogers in grey ripple wrap. The drums have "Bread & Butter" lugs which dates then to earlier than 1965. He has a bass drum head with the oval logo which was introduced second half of 1964.

DC doesn't look too happy here. Could this be due to the cymbal tilter having been lost and so his cymbal is mounted at a strange angle, the small "DC" logo, the stool he is having to sit on (see next photo) or the hi-hat stand he is having to use? From this point on whenever we see DC with a drum kit which does not belong to him he always has with him his own Rogers hi-hat stand and his own drum stool, and occasionally his own front bass drum head.

This photo from the 1965 Thank Your Lucky Stars yearbook shows a very sililar type of stool.
24th Aug 64 Appeared on TV Show "Discs A Go-Go" in Bristol
Again whilst they were on their Summer season. This could be the same drum kit froma couple of days ago but now with an extra tom and a bigger DC logo.


2nd September 64 Flew from Blackpool to Boreham Wood Studios to film Get Yourself A College Girl" Returned same night

The DC5 where still engaged on their Summer season when they flew down to Boreham Wood for the day. There are a lot of photos taken during this filming but they all relate just to one day.

The drum kit that DC can be seen with here is not the English Rogers kit that he has been using for the last year, there are many differences. However there are three pieces of equipment here from DC's signature drum kit, his Trixon drum stool, his Rogers hi-hat stand and his front bass drum head, but that is all.

6th September 64 Winter Gardens, Morecambe with Bobby Shafto,The Hillsiders, Tommy Wallis and Beryl, Ted Rodgers, The Roof Raisers
19th September 64 Dave Clark appears as a panellist on "Thank Your Lucky Stars"
22nd Sept 64 Thank You Lucky Stars Summer Spin  


5th October 64 Appeared on TV Show "Discs A Go-Go" in Bristol
9th October 64 Appeared on "Ready Steady Go!"  

This is the RSG studio At Kingsway.


DC for some reason is sitting on a stool similar to the one on 22nd August..


This photo is from one of three dates on RSG! - 12 June, 9th or 23rd Oct 1964.

10th October 64 Appeared on Thank Your Lucky stars  
23rd October 64 Appear on Ready Steady Go!" perform "Anyway You Want it"
25th October 64 "Greatest Pop Concert of 1964" Empire Pool, Wembley. Other acts include; The Seekers,Cliff Richard and the Shadows
29th October 64 2nd USA Tour begins Forum, Montreal , Canada. Supporting act, Pierre Lalonde, Les Beatlettes, The Bobsmiths, The 4 Frenchmen, Mickey Day, The Esquires

From this website







31st October 64 Paramount Theater, New York, NY


1st November 64 Appear on Ed Sullivan Show, Lip Synch "Anyway You Want It"
2nd November 64 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada.Supporting acts: Bobby Curtola, David Clayton- Thomas and The Shays

There is no live photo I have seen of DC using American Rogers drums. The live photos that follow all show DC has his English Rogers with him.











3rd November 64 Treasure Island Gardens, London, Canada.Supporting acts: Jimmy Soul (from the USA), David Clayton Thomas & The Shays (Toronto), The Esquires (Ottawa), Sandy Simms & The Diplomats (Brantford)

Johnny Stevens And His Sextet (London), The Fortune Tellers (London), The Undertakers (London), David Clayton-Thomas and The Shay.

4th November 64 Civic Center, Lansing, MI  
5th November 64 Arie Crown Theatre, Chicago, IL (2 Shows)  
6th November 64 State Fair Grounds Coliseum,Indianapolis, IN
7th November 64 Northside H.S. Fieldhouse,Elkhart, IN  
8th November 64 Municipal Auditorium,Kansas City, MO  
10th November 64 Denver Coliseum,Denver, CO  
11th November 64 Tingley Coliseum,Albuquerque, NM  
13th November 64 University of Arizona Stadium,Tucson, AZ  
14th November 64 Westgate Park,San Diego, CA  
16th November 64 Melodyland Theatre,Anaheim, CA  
18th November 64 Memorial Auditorium,Sacramento CA (2 shows)
19th November 64 Cow Palace,San Francisco, CA  
20th November 64 DC5's Plane collides with another on runway at San Francisco,no one injured
20th November 64 Appear on CBS TV Show "The Entertainers" perform "Because" also appearing are Carol Burnett, Bob Newham, Catering Valente, Tessie O'Shea, Art Buchwald, John Davidson, Dom DeLuise, the Lee Hale Singers
20th November 64 Convention Hall, Las Vegas NV  
21st November 64 Sports Arena,Long Beach, CA  
22nd November 64 Memorial Auditorium,Fresno, CA  
24th November 64 Seattle Opera House,Seattle, WA  
25th November 64 Civic Auditorium,Portland, OR  
26th November 64 Georgia Auditorium,Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
27th November 64 Minneapolis Armory,minneapolis, MN  
28th November 64 Veterans Memorial Auditorium,Des Moines, IA

Probably sometime during this tour this photo was taken and a similar one from the same session was usedfor the cover of the Coast to Coast album.

White jackets and paisley shirts - photo studio.

DC's own set was possibly being transported to the next gig.

The drum kit is a little confusing. American Rogers in White Marine Pearl with bread & butter lugs. The stands are Premier/Olympic. It is possible that these are DC's old stands. Maybe he carried them with him as spares. You wouldn't normally expect to see these stands in the USA especially being used with a Rogers drum set.




1st Decenber 64 Kiel Opera House,St. Louis, MO  
2nd Decenber 64 Civic Assembly Center,Tulsa, OK  
In 1964 there was apparently a hockey team in St Louis called "The Braves", but I doubt they played at the Keil Opera House. So the reference to "Braves" here probably refers to the Central High School of Tulsa Oklahoma who it would seem refer to themselves as "Braves". I assume one of their teams played at the Civic Assembly Center. Anyone knows different please let me know.
3rd Decenber 64 The Forum, Wichita, KS  
4th Decenber 64 Pershing Memorial Auditorium, Lincoln NE  
6th Decenber 64 Municipal Auditorium, Oklahoma City, OK with the Offbeats Jerry Fisher
7th Decenber 64 Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX  
8th Decenber 64 Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, TX  
9th Decenber 64 Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX  
11th Decenber 64 Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Jacksonville, FL
12th Decenber 64 Alabama State Coliseum,Montgomery, AL  
13th Decenber 64 Mid South Coliseum,Memphis,TN with Ace Cannon,Tommy Burk & the Counts, Randy & the Radiants
15th Decenber 64 Milwaukee Auditorium,Milwaukee, WI  
16th Decenber 64 Appeared Memorial Auditorium Dayton,OH,
also on Shindig performed,,zip-A-Dee. Doo-Dah" and "Can't You See That She's Mine?" (medley) then "Everybody Knows" and "Anyway You Want It"
Dave Clark played a Red Sparkle Rogers USA drum kit on this show.
17th December 64 Public Auditorium Cleveland OH

Nice shot of DC's English Rogers showing lot of its features.





18th Decenber 64 Masonic Auditorium,Detroit,MI  
19th Decenber 64 Buckeye Building,Ohio State Fairgrounds, Columbus, OH
20th Decenber 64 Kleinhans, Music Hall,Buffalo, NY  
21th Decenber 64 Central Theatre,Passaic, NJ  
31st December 64 Appeared on Ready Steady Go!  




9th January 65 Appeared on "Thank Your Lucky Stars"

As in the next four photos DC is seen with his Red Sparkle English Rogers drum kit so I assume that they are in the UK. And as those paisley shirts don't seem to have lasted long this appearance on Thank Your Lucky Stars would seem about right.

Three changes of shirt so looks like they might have done three songs.

DC is seen here with his Red Sparkle English Rogers.

10-19th January 65 Proposed tour of Australia and New Zealand moved to May/June.
20th Appeared on Shindig performed "Because" and "Glad All Over"

This video is "Because".

White jackets, paisley shirts.

DC using Red Sparkle Rogers USA drum kit.









22nd January 65 Appeared on "Ready Steady Go! performed "Everybody Knows (ISLY)"


8th February 65 Begin filming"Catch Us If You can,
14th February 65 Ed Sullivan Show, lip synched "Everybody Knows (ISLY)", "Anyway You Want It"
26th February 65 Appeared on Ready Steady Go performed "Reelin' and Rockin'


6th March 65 Appeared on "Thank Your Lucky Stars"
8th March 65 Appeared on TV Show "Discs A Go-Go" in Bristol
19th March 65 Appeared on "Ready Steady Go!" performed "Reelin' and Rockin'
This is the RSG! Kingsway Studio I would guess early 1965.


22nd-26th April 65 Philippines "The DC5 Show" at the Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City with Pilata Corrales, Barry Bamett,"Los Cuartro, Indios" plus local bands


1st May 65 Dave Clark appears on BBC TV Juke Box Jury
13th May 65 Appear on the 5 o'Clock Club on AR-ITV
14th May 65 Appeared on "Ready Steady Go!" performed "Come Home"

In April 1965 RSG! moved to Redifission's Studio 5 Wembley, enabling artists to perform live. The show was temporarily retitled Ready Steady Goes Live! Artists' own pre-recorded backing tracks were not allowed by the Musicians' Union so the whole of Studio 5 (normally divided into 5a and 5b) was used so that an orchestra could perform the backing live.

The DC5 do at least appear to be plugged-in in the is photo, so maybe they were live. This photo could be from this date or from the begining of July 1965.

However, by the end of the year the show was back in the Kingsway Studios and miming appears to have been the norm once more.

DC is seen here with a dark pearl English Rogers drum kit and tantilisingly two floor toms out front. Had DC left his red set in The Far East expecting to continue touring there the following month? Again we can see the bass drum head with the oval Rogers logo and the small "DC" logo.


15th May 65 Appeared on "Thank Your Lucky Stars"
22nd May 65 Budokan Hall, Tokyo , Japan ( concert cancelled )
23rd May 65 Budokan Hall, Tokyo , Japan ( concert cancelled )
24th May 65 Victoria Theatre, Kowloon, Hong Kong
25th May 65 Badminton Stadium, Singapore
26th May 65 Australia, tour, Capital Theatre,Perth, supported by "The Seekers" ,"Tommy Quickly","Bobby & Laurie"
28th May 65 Festival Hall Melbourne 29th 31st
29th May 65 Festival Hall, Melbourne
31st May 65 Centennial Hall, Adelaide


3rd June 65 Festival Hall,Brisbane
4th June 65 The Stadium,Sydney
5th June 65 The Stadium,Sydney
7th June 65 Auckland, New Zealand
8th June 65 Town Hall,Hamilton
9th June 65 Town Hall,Palmerston North
10th June 65 Majestic Theatre,Christchurch (2 shows)
11th June 65 Town HallDunedin
12th June 65 Town Hall,Wellington
  Vacation in Fiji
17th June 65 Arrive in NY start 3rd USA tour
18th June 65 Academy of Music, New York ( opening act The Kinks)
19th June 65 Convention Hall, Philadelphia, Pa with the Kinks, Moody Blues and the Supremes
20th June 65 Appeared on Ed Sullivan Show


"Glad All Over", (the backing tracks failed on this show.)

"Come Home"

"I Like It Like That"


DC used his Red Sparkle English Rogers for the first two songs.

"I Like It Like That" was performed with the band set up on something like a railway truck. For this DC used his Gold Sparkle American Rogers. This was possibly the first appearance of this set.

The English Rogers bass drum logo and the bass drum anchor can be clearly seen in this shot.
21st June 65 Louisvile,Fairgrounds Stadium.
22nd June 65 Memorial Gardens Arena, Sault Ste Marie,Ont, Canada
23rd June 65 Sudbury Arena, Sudbury, Ont, Canada
24th June 65 Princess Anne Stadium, Virginia Beach, Va
25th June 65 Civic Center, Baltimore, Maryland,opening acts were: Link Ray & the Ray Menthe Majestics (local group),the Maliboos, the Uptowns and Barry & the Vikings
26th June 65 Boston Gardens, Boston, Ma
27th June 65 Arie Crown Theater, Chicago with Little Boy Blues,Marauders,Vydeels, Richocettes
28th June 65 Return to England for Premier of "Catch Us If You Can"
28th June 65 Appear on "Murray The K" CBS-TV Special "It's What's Happening, Baby" perform "I Like It Like That", other acts include "The Supremes","Jan & Dean"."Righteous Brothers", "Herman's Hermits" "Marvin Gaye","Mary Wells","The Temptations", "The Miracles", "Tom Jones", "Little Anthony and the Imperials","Martha & the Vandellas","Johnny Mathis" and "Dionne Warwick".

The DC5 were filmed on top of two CBS outside broadcast trucks.


DC seen here with his Red Sparkle English Rogers.










  Recorded "Ready Steady Go!" performed "Catch Us If You can, televised 9th July

This is Rediffusion's Wembly Studios, when RSG! was intended to be live. As I have said it looks like they returned to the Kingsway studio by the end of 1965 (at least for the New Years Eve special). So that would seem to put this photo at this date, but why the white drum kit?

The Kinks in the same studio.

The DC5 were part way through their 3rd US tour, they had returned to England for the premier of "Catch Us If You Can". It is likely that DC left his Red Sparkle English Rogers in the USA.

This white set is not the one he began using after he gave the red set away (see later), the position of the mounts on the bass drum are different. This is the only photo I have seen of DC with this kit. This is an English Rogers drum kit in White Pearl with beavertail lugs. He has the front bass drum head with the oval logo and the small "Dave Clark" logo which we saw on 22nd Aug 64 and 14th May 65. The cymbal stands are Ajax with Rogers swiv-o-matic tilters on top(a novelty), and a Rogers hi-hat stand.

5th July 65 Return to USA to continue 3rd USA Tour
6th July 65 Stampede Corral, Calgary, Alberta with The Predictors and Sierra
9th July 65 Civic Assembly Center, Tulsa, Ok
10th July 65 Rehearsal for Dean Martin TV show (a.m.) San Diego Arena, San Diego, Ca (p.m.)
10th Appeared on "Thank Your Lucky Stars" (previously recorded)
11th July 65 Recording of Dean Martin TV Show sang "Catch Us If You can,, and "Having A Wild Weekend" aired 30th September
12th July 65 Melodyland TheaterAnaheim,CA with The Astronauts, The Preniers and Sonny & Cher.
15th July 65 Recording of ,Shindig,, TV Show performed Reelin' & Rockin'," "Glad All Over," "Bits and Pieces," "Can't You See That She's Mine" and "I Like It Like That" broadcast date 28th July
Can't be sure if this is exactly the right date but this is from an appearance on Shindig in 1965.
DC is seen here with this Gold Sparkle Rogers USA drum set first seen on The Ed Sullivan Show 20th June. Note the early double tom holder also known as a "top-hat" or "dog bone" on top of a 22" bass drum - only time seen DC with this size. Powertone chrome-over-brass snare drum.
16th Reno, NV
17th July 65 Honolulu International Centre, Honolulu, Hawaii with the fabulous Fables,Teddie Neeley 5,the Mopptops, Impacts, Soul Makers, Harmonics.
17th July 65 Appeared on "Thank Your Lucky Stars" (Glad All Over) (previously recorded)
18th July 65 record Shindig aired 28th July
19th July 65 Circle Star Theater, San Carlos,CA with The Astronauts, The Premiers, Sonny & Cher.
One of only a very few live recordings of The Dave Clark Five.
21st July 65 Mosque Theatre, Richmond,VA
22nd July 65 Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina
23rd July 65 Charlotte Coliseum,Charlotte, North Carolina

Designed with a capacity of 10,000 fixed and 5,000 temporary seats, the Charlotte Coliseum was completed in 1958. The photo opposite is from a performance by The Four Seasons but gives an idea of scale. From this webpage.

Photo by Ron Brandon.

Photo by Peter McKnight.

Photo by Peter McKnight.
Photo by Peter McKnight.
24th July 65 Convention Hall,Asbury Park, New Jersey (two shows)
25th July 65 RPI Field House, Troy, NY.Opening act was "Bobby Dick & The Sundowners"
26th July 65 Return to England
28th July 65 Shindig, recorded on the 18th of July. Perform Glad All Over, Bits and Pieces,Can't You See That She's Mine,I like It Like That and Bread and Butter man with Roy Clark


5th August 65 Press Conference with Revlon Contest Winner Kathy Sheron in London,then rehearsals for "Ready Steady Go"
6th August 65 Dinner with Kathy Sheron
7th August 65 Brands Hatch.Watch motor racing with Kathy Sheron, DC5 present winning trophies
12th August 65 Left London Airport for Chicago for Premiere of "Having a Wild Weekend"
13th August 65 DC5 visit Paramount, Harvey, Avalon, Highland, Studio, Gateway, Uptown,Nortown and Valencia theatres in Chicago for " HAWW" premieres
14th DC5 visit Brighton, Olympic, Rockne, Tiffin, Congress,Jeffrey, Peoples, Tivoli and Glen theatres in Chicago for " HAWW" premieres
15th New York City promo tour for "Having a Wild Weekend"


18th September 65 Appeared on Shindig performed "Catch Us If You Can"

I assume that this was Shindig - staging is sililar to other performances.

White jackets, black shirts.

DC is using his Gold Sparkle American Rogers.







18th Appeared on the Clay Cole Show
22nd September 65 Appeared on TV Show "Discs A Go-Go" in Bristol, pre-recorded,
30th September 65 Appeared on the Dean Martin Show recorded on 11th July


16th October 65 Appeared on Thank Your Lucky Stars"
21st October 65 Appeared on Shindig performed "Having a Wild Weekend"

White jackets, black shirts.


DC is using his Gold Sparkle American Rogers.








29th Appeared on Ready Steady Go! performed "Over and Over".


6th November 65 Dave Clark appears on BBC TV Juke Box Jury 7th
7th Rehearsals for the Royal Command Performance

8th November 65


Royal Command Performance before HM the Queen at London Palladium,performed Welcome to my world,, &, Catch Us If You can,, also appearing Dusty Springfield, Frank Ifield, Spike Milligan,Peter Cook & Dudley Moore,Jack Benny, Johnny Halliday.

DC is again seen with a White Pearl English Rogers drum kit. It isn't possible to tell whether this is the one he used in July on RSG! or if this is the one he will use for the next few years. Either way he appears to have brought his bass drum head with him from America.

The Rogers logo on the bass drum head is the small "pirate" logo (it can be seen more clearly on 11th Dec. 65). This was the most commonly used. The photos below show us that DC had a newly painted bass drum head at some point between late June and early November 1965. They are similar but the difference can be seen best in details of the "k".

  December 64    
December 65
11th November 65 Arrive in USA for 4th US tour,stay at Squire Inn, 53rd St, NYC
14th November 65 Ed Sullivan Show lip synched "Over & Over", "Catch Us If You can,
15th November 65 "Hullabaloo" TV show rehearsals
16th November 65 "Hullabaloo" TV show rehearsals
17th November 65 Island Gardens Auditorium, West Hempstead, NY with "The Toys", and "Barbarians"
18th November 65 "Hullabaloo" TV show recording perform Over And Over, Catch Us If You Can, Wives & Lovers, What's New Pussycat and /Having A Wild Weekend (shown on TV 22/11)
19th November 65 Terrace Ballroom,Salt Lake City, Utah 20th Memorial Coliseum,Pordand, Oregon
21st Seattle Arena ,Seattle, Washington
22ndNovember 65 Showing of "Hullabaloo" recorded on 18th
22nd November 65 Carousel Theatre, West Covina, California with Bobby Fuller Four, The Great Scots.
24th November 65 Municipal Auditorium, Oklahoma City, OK 25th Alabama State Coliseum, Montgomery, AL
26th November 65 WVOK Shower of Stars Show in Birmingham, AL also appearing Ian Whitcomb, Ronnie Dove,Billy Joe Royal,Donna Loren, The Barbarians,The Bill Black Combo,The James Gang
27th November 65 Hirsch Youth Center,Shreveport, Louisiana ( 7pm ) with The Greek Fountains, The Group and John Fred & the Playboys
28th November 65 Symphony Hall,Newark,NJ
29th November 65 HS Gym, Magnolia, Arkansas
30th November 65 Curtis-Nixon Hall, Tampa, FL


1st December 65 Memorial Auditorium, Greenville, SC
2nd December 65 Reynolds Coliseum, Raleigh, NC
3rd December 65 Municipal Auditorium,Nashville, TN
4th December 65 Veterans Memorial Coliseum Jacksonville, FL
5th December 65 Charlotte Coliseum,Charlotte, NC
7th December 65 Greensboro Coliseum,Greensboro, NC
8th December 65 Convention Hall,Miami, FL
9th December 65 Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN
10th December 65 Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI with "The Motor City 5" (MC5),and "Gaspar & Burrows"
11th December 65 Milwaukee Auditorium, Milwaukee, WI with "The Robbs"

There was a report in the local paper the day following this concert which said that they played to an audience of 2475, quite a come-down from the 12000 reported at their first appearance in Milwaukee the year before.


Again the unique features on the kit can be seen. The observant may also notice that the bass drum logo has changed. This version of the logo was available from the beginings of English Rogers in 1961.

12th December 65 Arie Crown Theater, Chicago IL
Waistcoates which they seem to have taken to in 65.
Spot a man ................. any man!
21st December 65 Ed Sullivan Show, lip synched "Catch Us If You Can"

Another waistcoat (and same tie as above), so maybe this photo belongs here.


DC is seen here with what appears to be the same Red Sparkle Rogers USA that he used for their first appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show. He has only one cymbal and that again is on yet another type of cymbal stand.But why is he using this when as we have already seen he has been using the Gold Sparkle kit on US TV?

Note the snare drum - looks like a chromed shell. It is a shame that the photo isn't more clear. I would guess that this might be the chrome-over-brass Powertone that he used with the Gold Sparkle set.

Same single cymbal set-up here, and same cloths. This might be the date of their last appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show where DC is using the Red Sparkle American Rogers set.

23rd December 65 Appeared on Shindig performed " Zip A Dee Doo Dah" and Can't You See That She's Mine" old footage previously seen on 16/12/64 )
31st December 65 Appeared on "Ready Steady Go!" New Year's Eve Special

DC's Red Sparkle English Rogers drums were borrowed by other groups on the bill that night.

This may well have been the last time DC used these drums.





28th January 66

"Live at TYs" Perform, I Like It Like That/Come Home/Catch Us If You Can/Because/Having A Wild Weekend.Other guests include Phil Spector and Sal Mimeo

Gold Sparkle



15th February 66 Anatomy of Pop, The Dave Clark Five on stage (very brief "Do You Love Me?" and interview with Dave) also The Supremes in studio, The Temptations, The Young Rascals in a nightclub, The Carter Family, Tony Bennett.

This would appear to show live footage (but possibly not the audio) from their lastest US tour, end of 1965.

The program can be viewed here.

DC is seen using his Red Sparkle English Rogers drum kit with the small Rogers logo on the bass drum.

20th February 66 Ed Sullivan Show "Over & Over", At The ScenefiE"


9th March 66 Appear on BBC TV "A Whole Scene Going"
Small Rogers logo. 1966
20th March 66 Dave Clark presents drum kit - Wimbledon Palais, along with Mike Smith.

Full story on 1M Drum Kit - Competition page.

The Melody Maker who co-hosted the competition said “On Sunday, March 20th 1966 at the Wimbledon Palais, the prize was presented to the winner of the 'Million Pound Drum Contest'. From an entry of 2,700, Carol Offord was selected to win Dave Clark's multi-hit-making Rogers drum kit. Carol nominated her friend John Tillett (rear right) to receive the prize. "

These drums are DC's trusty Red Sparkle English Rogers. As we have seen Dave Clark aquired this kit as the career of The DC5 was taking off. It was used for TV and live appearances in the UK, Scandanavia, Australia and the Far East, as well as for their first four American tours, The Ed Sullivan Show and at least one othere appearance on US TV. It was borrowed by The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Animals (twice), The Searchers, Manfred Mann, Freddie and the Dreamers and probably The Kinks. DC was quoted by The Melody Maker as saying that this was the drum kit that he used for the recording of their early hits such as "Bits and Pieces" and "Glad All Over".

22nd March 66 Appear on the 5 o Clock Club on AR-ITV


19th April 66 Rehearsal for the Hippodrome TV show.
21st April 66 Fly to Manilla (unconfirmed)
24th April 66 Ed Sullivan Show "Catch Us If You Can", "Try Too Hard" (pre-recorded?)
27th April 66 flew from Manilla to Singapore (unconfirmed)
28th April 66 National Theatre, Singapore 2 shows 7.00pm and 9.00pm, support acts The Trailers,Naomi and the Boys,Henry Suriya , The Checkmates unconfirmed)
29th April 66 arrived Subang Airport,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (unconfirmed )
30th April 66 Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur, 2 shows 6.30pm and 9.30pm (unconfirmed)


1st May 66 Fly Kuala Lumpur to London ( unconfirmed)
16th May 66 Filming TV Special "Lucy In London"
17th May 66 Filming TV Special "Lucy In London"
20th May 66 Appear on "Piccadilly Palace" UK TV show
21st May 66 Appeared on "Thank Your Lucky Stars"


5th June 66 Video of Dave and Cathy McGowan in the speed boat on the Thames was filmed
  Start 5th American Tour
12th June 66 Ed Sullivan Show "Look Before You Leap" & Please Tell Me WhyW
13th June 66 Johnstown PA - Cambria County War Memorial.Supporting acts The Fenways, The Stereos and Davey Dave.
14th June 66 Fordham University, Bronx, New York City
15th June 66 New Haven Arena, New Haven, CT
16th June 66 Ty Cobb Stadium, Endicott, NY
17th June 66 Boston Garden, Boston, MA
18th June 66 Ford Auditorium,Detroit, MI,
19th June 66 Skaters Junction, Peru, IL With The Friars, The Inn Group and The Shillings
20th June 66 Circle Star Theater, San Carlos, CA
24th June 66 Arena, International Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
25th June 66 Civic Auditorium,Sacramento, CA
27th June 66 Carousel Theater,West Covina, CA
30th June 66 Civic Auditorium, San Jose, CA


1st July 66 Veteran's Day Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, AZ
2nd July 66 The Lagoon Patio Gardens, Framington, UT
4th July 66 Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI
5th July 66 Milwaukee Auditorium,Milwaukee.WI
6th July 66 Public Hall, Cleveland, OH
7th July 66 State Theater, Portland, ME
8th July 66 Mosque Theater, Richmond,VA
9th July 66 Civic Center, Baltimore,MD
10th July 66 Curtis-Nixon Hall, Tampa, FL
13th July 66 Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, LA
14th July 66 Coliseum Club, Nederland, Texas,
15th July 66 Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte,NC
16th July 66 Veteran's Memorial Coliseum, Jacksonville FL
17th July 66 Camden County Music Fair, Haddonfield, NJ
18th July 66 Shady Grove Music Fair, Gaithersburg, MD
19th July 66 Sunrise Music Theater, Fort Lauderdale, FL
20th July 66 Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC
22nd July 66 Memorial Auditorium, Greenville , SC
23rd July 66 The Platters, Cadillac, MI
24th July 66 Arie Crown Theater, Chicago, IL


9th August 66 Appeared on "Hippodrome" performed "Look Before You Leap"




24th October 66 Lucy In London TV Special aired on CBS, The DC5 perform "Pop Goes the Weasel" & "London Bridge."
26th October 66 Ready Steady Go! ( 17th and final appearance) performed "19 Days"


20th November 66 Ed Sullivan Show "Sitting Here Baby",'Nineteen Days" ( video)






17th Fubruary 67 Photo shoot at Madame Tussauds in London


11-15th March 67 Los Angeles Promo Tour Mike and Dave only
16th March 67 San Francisco Promo Tour Mike and Dave only
17&18th March 67 Chicago Promo Tour Mike and Dave only
26th March 67 Ed Sullivan "I've Got To Have A Reason", "You Got What It Takes" (live over recorded backing track)


1st May 67 1st Appear on "Beat Club" ( German TV Show )
9th May 67 Appear on TV show "As You Like It"
20th May 67 Appear on TV show "Piccadilly Palace" perform "You've Got What It Takes" and "Georgia".


14th June 67 Arrive in New York for Start of 6th US Tour
16th June 67 Boston Garden, Boston.MA,with "Bundal of Joy" "Boston Common","The Hons" and "The Mods".
17th June 67 17th Portland, Maine,
18th June 67 Civic Opera House, Chicago IL
20th June 67 Civic Auditorium, Fargo, ND
21st June 67 Exhibition Park Agridome,Regina,Canada
22nd June 67 Municipal Auditorium,Santa Fe,NM
23rd June 67 Armory Auditorium,Salem, Oregon with Morning Reign, Gentleman Wild
24th June 67 Civic Auditorium, Bakersfield, CA
25th June 67 Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA
26th June 67 Circle Star Theater, San Carlos, CA
27th June 67 Selland Arena, Fresno, CA
28th June 67 Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO
29th June 67 Oklahoma City,OK Wedgewood Amusement Park


1st July 67 El Commandante Track, San Juan, Puerto Rico
3rd July 67 Ocean Downs Racecourse,Ocean City, Maryland - note - no proof this concert ever took place. Hundreds of unused tickets have appeared for sale in the last few years, please don't pay top dollar for them as they are NOT rare!
4th July 67 Marine Ballroom at the Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ
5th July 67 Civic Auditorium,Knoxville, TN
7th July 67 Curtis-Nixon Hall,Tampa, FL
8th July 67 D.A.R.Constitution Hall, Washington DC
9th July 67 Oakdale Music Fair, Wallingford, CT
10th July 67 Painters Mill Music Fair, Owings Mills, MD
12th July 67 Sports Arena, Toledo, OH
14th July 67 Rhode Island Auditorium, Providence, RI
This concert was cancelled. The photo of the unused ticket below came from a fan.
15th July 67 The Dome, Virginia Beach, VA
18th July 67 Civic Auditorium, Columbus, GA
19th July 67 City Auditorium, Atlanta, GA
20th July 67 T.H.Barton Coliseum, Little Rock, AR
21st July 67 Civic Auditorium, Chattanooga, TN
22nd July 67 Memorial Auditorium, Greenville, SC.. also appeared on German TV "Beat Club" Pre-Recorded)
23rd July 67 Camden Music Fair, Camden, NJ
24th July 67 Colonie Music Theatre,Latham, NY
25th July 67 Return to England


31st August 67 HOLD ON - IT'S THE DAVE CLARK FIVE 1967  U.K. TV Special. The first film produced by Dave Clark's film production company Big 5 Films. A music, comedy, variety show featuring Richard Chamberlain, Lulu and DC5 songs. Scenes of the band in the studio.


28th October 67 Appear on TV show "Dee Time"


12th November 67 12th Appeared on "The Morecambe and Wise Show" , which was actually the re-named Piccadilly Palace show from 20th May
   the DC5 were in Holland on Wednesday December 6. On that day they arrived in Holland by plane and recorded a show in the Bellevue Studio in Hilversum for the programme "Waauw" where they only sang "Everybody Knows". The next day, Thursday December 7, 1967 they went to the TV studio in Hilversum where they made the TV special with 5 songs for the "Everybody Knows" album. After the recording the DC5 were brought to Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, where they took a plane to London again.




15th January 68 Auditions for Wrestlers for sketch in "Hold On" held at Mayfair Gymnasium, Baker Street, London
31st January 68 Filming "Always Me" sketch in "Hold On" with Lulu and Mike Hewitson


15th February 68 Filming 5 Ages of Gunmen" for "Hold on it's the DC5" at Pinewood Studios
17th February 68 Appear on TV Show "Doddy's Music Box"
24th February 68 Appear on TV show "Dee Time"


26th July 68 26th appeared on CBS TV "Showtime"


13th August 68 Appeared on Showtime performed "Everybody Knows"



21st September 68 Dave Clark on holiday in Jersey




21st March 69 Appear on the Tom Jones show perform "Mulberry Tree"


11th May 69 appeared on a UK TV Special titled `Ms is Tom Jones"
22nd May69 Appear on the "Tom Jones" show perform "Paradise and "3406"


7th June 69 Appear on "Beat Club,, ( German Tv )


22nd August 69 Appear on the John Davidson Show performed "Red Balloon" and "Paradise"
24th August 69 Appear on "Beat Club" ( German TV ) 4th and final appearance.




3rd September 70 UK Newspapers report the DC5 have disbanded