One Million Pound Drum Kit - Unique Features

1. The mounting of the tom toms on the bass drum

The photo below shows 3 of the 4 unique features so is useful for comparison. The bass drum is being used to mount two swiv-o-matic tom tom arms which each hold one tom tom.

The photograph above is from the TV program Ready Steady Go!, and was taken in 1964 or 1965.

Below is a photo which is possibly the first of DC with this drum kit from late 1963.

Note the position of the plates that mount the tom toms onto the bass drum.
The same mounting arrangement can be seen on the kit when it was presented to Carol and John in 1966.

Below is DC's bass drum on the left and a standard English Rogers bass drum both seen from the player's side. The grey drum is from a later kit than Dave Clark’s set so it has the later Beavertail style lugs but the layout never changed throught production. The position of the tom arm on the left and the holes drilled for the disappearing cymbal holder on the right can be clearly seen.

The One Million Pound drum kit bass drum
(viewed from player's perspective)
A standard English Rogers bass drum

On the players left we find a swiv-o-matic tom tom arm mounted in a straight collet plate and on the right we see an angled collet plate receiving a disappearing cymbal holder. The presence of a collet plate requires holes to be drilled in the shell.

It is clear that the shell of DC's bass drum has never been drilled for a disappearing cymbal holder. An extra straight collet plate has been added to the top centre of the bass drum to take a second tom arm. The ommision of the plate for the disappearing cymbal holder obviously must have happened in the factory and is therefore a factory-custom feature.

And of course where there was a collet plate fitted there would be holes and clearly DC's bass drum has never had any in that position.
This arrangement of the collet plates can be seen on numerous other photos of Dave Clark with the kit in the early 60s. Below are four very clear examples from the end of 1963 to the end of 1965 and I leave it to you to pick out further examples in the photos to come and in the Pictorial History section.

Sometime in 1964




Ready Steady Go! Probably New Years Eve 1963
Sometime in 1964
Milwaukee Arena December 1965