One Million Pounds Drum Kit: Unique Features -
The Arrangement of Logos and Dampers on the Tom Toms

Once again the photo below is of use, this time to show the arrangement of the chromed script logos and damper knobs on the two mounted tom toms. The floor tom tom given to John is not the one pictured here.

You will notice that there is a damper on the floor tom in this photograph. The DC5 carried around a number of floor toms and the one that was given away with the kit was not the original with the damper installed. You may also notice that the logo on the floor tom has a broken peg resulting in it just about hanging on to the drum. However here we are discussing the mounted tom toms.

The fitting of dampers on English Rogers tom toms was not standard. No other English Rogers kits that I have ever owned had factory fitted dampers in the tom toms. The dampers used by B&H were quite specific and don’t turn up on drums from any other manufacturer as far as I am aware and are an extremely rare part. Some tom toms have dampers that were fitted by previous owners and these are usually by Premier as their parts were easily come by.
I have only seen one other set that had dampers which may have been factory fitted. However it is not possible to be certain from the amount of detail in the photograph. It is the one below ……..

I copied this photo from a Rogers fan site which is based in Germany and eventually managed to contact the person who owned the drums, but sadly he no longer has them. It isn't therfore possible to find out whether the dampers were factory-fitted Ajax dampers, or some other make. What can be seen, is that the dampers, if original, are not in the same locations as those on Dave Clark's drum kit.

This is an earlier set than DC’s which can be seen from the use of the Ajax floor tom legs. This set is from late 1961 or 1962. The placement of the collet plate top centre of the bass drum is unusual, but we can’t see from the photograph whether the plate has been moved and has left holes in the shell, which is quite likley. The dampers could be later additions and may not even be Ajax/B&H, it is impossible to tell.