Unique Features
- Non-Rogers Chromed-Headed Bolts

These two bolts or more accurately their heads can be seen on many photographs from the early 1960s. The bolts have nothing to do with the factory-fitted hardware on the drum and are not English Rogers parts. They would appear to be associated with lights that Dave Clark used inside his bass drum.Like-wise the two non-Rogers chrome-headed bolts which can also be seen in the photo of DC presenting the drums to Carol and John. The bolts were held in place by some glue and easily came away from the shell.

The bolts can be clearly seen here ……………..

And here. In fact in some photos it does look as though there are wires attached, like above, and in this one below.
During restoration the bolts were almost ready to drop out.
Seen from the inside these look they could have been bolts securing a transformer or something similar. The holes drilled in the shell do not look professionally done. These birch shells are very prone to "breakout" or splintering and require support from the back if holes are drilled.

Whatever had been fitted on the inside of the drum had been removed before they were given to John and the bolts glued back on to the drum.

They are there in the photo when Dave presents the drums to John and Carol…................

………. and they are still there today.

These bolts appear to have been added to the bass drum during the first 6 weeks of 1964 (see Pictorial History section).