One Million Pound Drum Kit - Unique Features

The Melody Maker said that the drums that Dave Clark was giving away were the ones that he recorded the early DC5 hits with. It can be seen that these are the drums that Dave Clark had been appearing with from the end of 1963 in the UK and later in the USA to the end of 1965 (see Pictorial History).

There are four features on the drum kit that I would call unique, meaning that I haven’t seen the like on any other English Rogers drum kit. They are useful in identifying the drum kit in photos of The DC5. I have 7 English Rogers drum kits at the moment and an assortment of English Rogers snare drums. I have owned several others in the past. You will find numerous photos of other English Rogers drum kits on this site with which to compare.

The unique features are –

Visible from the front:
1. The mounting of the tom toms on the bass drum,
2. The arrangement of logos and dampers on tom toms.
3.The non-Rogers chrome headed bolts on the bass drum.

Only visible from the back:
4. The position of the collet plate on the 13x9 tom tom.

It is perhaps worth mentioning that English Rogers drums are not particularly common and an example in good condition is even less common. Added to this some colours are rarer than others. Including DC’s drum kit I have only seen 4 Red Sparkle kits.