The One Million Pound Drum Kit
Unique Features - The 13"x9" Tom

This section concerns the external appearance of this tom. Additional information regardinging the way that this drum has been built can be seen in the Restoration section.

These are the toms as I received them.

Anyone familiar with American Rogers drums would notice that the collet plate on the smaller tom (12” diameter) tom is a little low. This is standard for English Rogers. The collet plate’s coach bolt is always approximately in line with the inner lug securing screw hole. The position of the collet plate on the larger (13” diameter) of the two mounted toms is clearly even lower, and that is not usual at all.

On the left is a 13” shell that I have had around for some time. Someone has stripped and painted it, and elongated some of the holes. On the right is the 13” tom from the Red Sparkle kit. You can see how low in comparison the collet plate is on the Red Sparkle drum.

The question is, “why has it been set so low?”

I think the following could be the answer.

When you look at the tom arms, the one on the players left (where you would expect to see the 13” tom) is angled, which reduces the height that the tom can achieve compared to the 12”. Extra height could be achieved by mounting the collet plate on the 13” tom extra low. This appears to be what was done.
The inevitable conclusion is then that the 13” was always meant to be on the players left. Its shell was drilled in the factory to take that low collet plate. These drums were not purchased and then set up in that unorthodox way, the set was designed from the outset to be used in that configuration.

Due to the way that the drums were set up when DC played them the collet plate was located out of site of the audience and so there are not many photos which show the positioning of the plate.



Again the extra-low collet plate can be seen on the 13x9 tom. This photo is from Ready Steady Go! either -

15th May 1964 when the line-up was –
--The Dave Clark Five - "Can't You See That She's Mine?"
--The Hollies - "Here I Go Again."
--Eden Kane
--Susan Maughan
--The Pretty Things
--The Andree Silver
--The Monotones


14th May 1965
-The Hollies
--The Kinks - "Set Me Free" and "Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight."
--Sandie Shaw - "Long Live Love."
--The Spencer Davis Group - possibly "Strong Love."
--The Dave Clark Five - "Come Home."