The One Million Pound Drum Kit - Pictorial History

Dave Clark aquired this kit as the career of The DC5 was taking off. It was used for TV and live appearances in the UK, Scandanavia, Australia and the Far East, as well as for their first four American tours and at least one appearance on US TV. It was borrowed by The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Animals (twice), The Searchers, Manfred Mann, Freddie and the Dreamers and probably The Kinks. DC was quoted by The Melody Maker as saying that this was the drum kit that he used for the recording of their early hits such as "Bits and Pieces" and "Glad All Over".

There are many photographs on the net of DC with these drums. This is an attempt to chart the history of their through the photos.

The drums had a couple of modifications applied to them just prior to The DC5's appearance on Sunday Night at the London Paladium on 9th February 1964. These were a bass drum anchour fitted to the front bass drum hoop and flashing lights installed in the bass drum of which there were two chrome-headed bolts visable on the outer surface of the drum. These two features are useful for dating purposes and so I mention them a couple of times before we get to 9th Feb. 1964.

Below is one of the first photographs of DC with his new Rogers drum kit. I'm not sure which show this was from or if this pre-dates the photos that follow of their appearances on Ready Steady Go!

Note that there is only one cymbal stand. DC has only used one cymbal with all his kits up to this point. This will change very soon, but for now he still has just one cymbal sitting on a Rogers swiv-o-matic swan-legged cymbal stand.

DC has his bass drum logo on an inclined angle. Probably as a hang-over from having had Trixon sets up to this point. When he returns from America his Rogers logo is in the proper orientation - horizontal.

That brings us to The DC5’s appearances on Ready Steady Go. RSG was broadcast from August 1963 until December 1966. Produced by Associated-Rediffusion the show was eventually networked nationally. The show was recorded at small studios in Rediffusion's headquarters in Kinway, London. As the studios were compact, it was not possible to hide cameras which instead were sometimes incorporated into the action. The show appears to have begun with a very small budget as this well documented appearance by The Beatles on 4th October 1963 would seem to show. The show had been running only a few weeks when The Beatles first appeared and the lack of any scenery or backdrop is quite evident.

The show used moveable staging in 3 or 4 regular locations in the studio. After studying a number of photos from the show it is easy to build up a picture of the layout of the studio.

The DC5 first appeared on RSG on 8th November 1963 and then again on 13th December 1963. I believe these series of photos to be from those date. This would be one of the first appearances of DC with his new drums. These photos show The DC5 in the same location as the Beatles in the photos above. The backdrop is as sparse as it was for The Fab Four. It is this, and the single cymbal, that leads me to the conclusion that this photo, and the ones that follow, are from Nov/Dec 1963.

Note that DC still only has one cymbal with his new kit.

Below is again in the RSG studio at around the same time, but with the stage in a different location.
The DC5 appeared on an episode of RSG on 31st December 1963. This is a photo catches DC setting up his drums and some horse-play during rehearsals.

On stage are Alan Freeman, Patrick Kerr (presenter), Kenny Lynch (guest) and setting up the drums it looks like DC.

Then the show itself. DC still has one cymbal.

The DC5 appear on RSG on these dates

21st Feb – Bits & Pieces
15th May – Cann’t You See That She’s Mine
12th June – Cann’t You See That She’s Mine
9th October
23rd October – Anyway You Want It
31st December

22nd January – Everybody Knows
26th February – Reelin’ & Rockin’
19th March - Reelin’ & Rockin’
14th May – Come Home
9th July – Catch Us If You Can
29th October – Over and Over
31st December

The day following their New Years Eve 1963 appearance on RSG!, 1st January 1964, the DC5 appeared on the very first Top of the Pops broadcast from Manchester. The first six episodes were intended as a pilot so no recording was made, but it became the longest running music show in TV history running for over 42 years. I would assume that DC was using his Rogers kit on this show. Although it may be that they did not appear in person especially as they had been on RSG the previous night and would then have had to be in Manchester on New Years Day.
The oldest surviving clip from TOTPs 19th February 1964 is this…………………



This was a film insert from the show. This clip was replayed on Juke Box Jury which is why David Jacobs appears at the end.
Note that there is only one cymbal and I can’t see any bass drum anchor. It is to be expected that the film was shot a few weeks earlier than when it was broadcast. By the time it was broadcast DC’s bass drum had been modified, but the film shows that this has yet to be done.

This is another example of one of  The DC5’s  “music videos”  from this period, late 63/ early 64.The photos below are from the filming of the video, a clip of which used to be on YouTube but has now been removed. In the middle of the video was a shot of an audience which appears to have been spliced in.
At around the turn of the year DC added a second cymbal to his set-up. This film shows DC has two cymbals, but no mods to the bass drum which gives us early (Jan/Feb) 64. The second cymbal stand appears to be an Ajax one of the period made by Boosey and Hawkes who made his English Rogers drums, but in other photos it looks like the Premier/Olympic stand that he used with his Trixon drums. We can imagine DC approaching B&H to ask for a second cymbal stand and they perhaps didn’t have any Rogers USA ones available, so he ended up with an Ajax one. This was remedied when after just a few months The DC5 went to America. After that DC is never seen again with the Ajax or Premier/Olympic stand.
Below are photos from two appearances on Thank Your Lucky Stars perhaps early 1964 (certainly before 9th Feb. 1964). The band are standing on the same staging so it is possible that this was one recording session with different back-drops. DC has two cymbals and again no mods to the bass drum.

Sometime between New Years Eve 1963 and The DC5’s appearance on Sunday Night at the London Palladium on 9th Feb 1964 DC’s bass drum was modified to contain flashing lights, and an anchor added to the bass drum.

The anchor like the one opposite required the drilling of four holes in the front bass drum hoop, and therefore became a permanent fixture.
That DC had lights in his bass drum can be seen in this later video with a later kit.
Lights can be seen flashing both in the bass drum and the floor tom tom.
Sunday Night at the London Palladium was a very popular show in the 1960s and as said The DC5 appeared on 9th Feb 1964.
The bass drum anchour can be seen very clearly below.
Below claims to be a live recording of this appearance - an it sound pretty much like it to me.
The following Friday evening, 14th February 1964, British Pathe News recorded this film of the DC5.
The DC5 were appearing at The Royal in Tottenham, one of their old haunts. There are many photos of this performance.
On 1st March 1964 The DC5 appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show but DC was not using his English Rogers drums. He was using an American replica of the set up that he had been using in the UK. They appeared again one week later.
The Ed Sullivan Show 1st March 1964

I can find no photographs of DC using American Rogers drums in a live situation. There are plenty of him with the kit above and a later,probably Champagne Sparkle, American Rogers on TV shows but not live. The only conclusion I can come to is that he had an endorsement deal with Rogers to use their drums on TV.

Live photographs of The DC5 are few and far between and what photos there are are difficult to pin down to a time or place.

This group of photos were obviously taken in the USA as can be seen from the Police uniforms. From the cloths that the band are wearing it is clear that this show took place on either their first or second US tour. It is difficult to conclusivley identify the drum kit but what can be said is that the logo on the bass drum head is the English one and the logo on the floor tom in the fore ground is the English logo. So I think we are looking at DC's English Rogers.
Canada -
The photos below were taken on 17th December 1964 at Public Auditorium Cleveland Ohio during The DC5's second US tour. The unique features on DC's kit can be clearly seen.

During the DC5's third US tour they were filmed for an appearance in a CBS TV entitled Murray The K – It's What's Happening, Baby was a television special on CBS-TV hosted by Murray the K. The show aired on June 28, 1965. The special featured performances by many of the popular artists of the day like Jan & Dean, Mary Wells, the Dave Clark Five,Gary Lewis and the Playboys, The Supremes, Tom Jones, Bill Cosby, Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles, The Drifters, The Miracles, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, The Ronettes, Chuck Jackson, The Four Tops, The Temptations, The Righteous Brothers and Little Anthony & the Imperials occasionally interspersed with anouncements by Murray the K.

The DC5 appear towards the second half of the show at around 7 mins in the clip below. DC is seen here using his same English Rogers drum kit. The DC5 had toured Australia and the Far East and after a short break had flown directly to New York to begin their third US tour. The filming for this show took place during this time and it is clear that DC had his English Rogers drums with him.

The first half of the show can be viewed here ..............

The photo below is well known to Rogers drums fans. It appears in the English Rogers section of Rob Cook's excellent Rogers Book - a history of the Rogers drum company.
Again the unique features on the kit can be seen. The observant may also notice that the bass drum logo has changed. This version of the logo appears to have been available in the UK for a short time in 1965. This photo was taken on the 11th December 1965 at the Milwaukee Auditorium, Milkaukee WI - the penultimate date of their forth US tour. There was a report in the local paper the following day.
Whilst taking part in the New Years Eve special a few weeks later DC leant his drums for use by The Who, The Rolling Stone, The Searchers, The Animals and probably The Kinks. I have dealt with this on a seperate page.
On the 29th January 1965 this drum kit was offered as first prize in a competition run jointly between The Melody Maker and Radio London to be presented by Dave Clark himself.
And to finish just an interesting group of photos. Check out the position of the logos on the two mounted toms.
Tottenham Royal 14th February 1964
London Paladium 9th February 1964
Cleveland Ohio December 1964
A screen shot from CBS TV special Murray The K – It's What's Happening, Baby. The show aired on June 28, 1965.