Jos. Rogers Inc. was establish in 1849 as a manufacturer of quality calf skin drum and banjo heads. By the 1950s, 60s and 70s Rogers was one of the big four American drum manufacturers. What has come to be known as English Rogers drums were made under licence in the UK by Boosey & Hawkes between 1961 and 1967/68.

English Rogers are not generally well understood. One of the myths that is encountered repeatedly, is that English Rogers drums relied heavily on Rogers USA for their hardware. Certainly the designs originated from Rogers USA and the genius that was Rogers' Chief Engineer, Joe. Thompson, but the dums themselves are almost entirley of UK manufacture. I hope that this site might go some way to increasing an appeciation of these fine instruments.


English Rogers Flyer (opposite)

Dispite this flyer saying "Rogers USA" these are English Rogers drums in Grey Ripple wrap, with American stands. The Grey Ripple wrap was avalable from around the last quarter of 1962, and was the most popular wrap used on English Rogers drums. Full scale scan of both sides can be seen in the Flyers section.


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English Rogers drums flyer

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